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LOSS PREVENTION FASTENERS carries a complete line of Security Screws /High Security / Tamper Resistant / Anti-Theft

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We have a large selection of inventory with multiple distribution points across the country. Custom made and specialty parts are our specialty with minimal runs available. We are here to help Monday to Friday 7:00AM to 4:30PM PST. Call our sales office today 1.888.584.6283.

Just some of the security screws we offer:

Ultra-Lok® Security Screws

Our Ultra-Lok® security screws are the most secure drives available, with 40% more torque than standard tamper proof fasteners.

LPF® is constantly researching and testing the newest and best Tamperproof / Security Screws from around the globe.  Check back on a regular basis for updated fasteners!


While it’s hard to determine who invented it the first security screws we at LPF know we’ve been selling them since 1977. With the ever increasing demand for people wanting to hold down products they didn’t want to go missing, Avsafe and Snake Eyes were some of the first screws available. Shorty after One Way screws came around solving the ever increasing problem with people walking away with restroom fixtures. Even the Military has had their hand in tamper proof screws using Penta Bolts for bridge construction and Slot Lok nuts for high tech surveillance systems. LPF has even supplied the Aerospace industry with TORX PLUS® screws for satellite parts and Ultra-Lok bolts for ground control.

Custom manufacturing is a big part of out business supplying large diameter, long length, exotic metals, and even custom made one of a kind drives or better known as “keys”. The latest add on to our ever increasing line has been our Tamper Resistant / Security Set Screws , we’ve solved many a problem with this and hope we can help many more customers in the future.

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Ask about Torx Pin Screws.

Torx Pin Security sheet metal screws and anti theft torx wood screws can usually be used in the same types of materials.

LPfast supplies Bulk Quantity Security Screws.

Tamper proof machine screws also known as tamperpruf screws are available in standard length, extra long length and miniature size security screws.

Self Tapping Security Screws.

Drill point security screws and drill point safety screws are also known as tek tamper proof screws. Security self drilling screws are flat head and pan head security style tamper resistant

Security screws of makes and models.

Tamper resistant thread making security screws Type F and Type 23 and Type D tamper proof screws are made of stainless steel and alloy steel which make and cut threads. Tri-obular and plastite style thread making anti-theft screws.

6 Lobe pin security screws.

Anti-Theft Tapcon style security screws for concrete use a hi-low thread style.
Tamper proof masonry screws for concrete, brick and stone materials are known as tapcon security screws.

Torx Pin Security Screws is the best seller.

Metric Security Screws.

Anti-theft metric screws for tamper proof applications: Metric security machine screws and metric tamper resistant fasteners are made in USA

Anti-theft screws options are available at Loss Prevention Fasteners

WLK92 tamper proof screws available stainless steel and regular steel. Call WLK9s for details.

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